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secret message... i just cant figure it out! help!

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Well as was said:

229 + 1 = 230 + 18 = 248

197 + 1 = 198 + 18 = 216


so continuing this pattern I see (there could be others) you get:

165 166 184 133 134 152




and so on...


Does that mean anything to anyone?


Only other thing I thought of was that they looked like RGB values to me, as they are all under 255, but not much turned up...


229 230 248 hexadecimal value is E5E6F8

197 198 216 hexadecimal value is C5C6D8

165 166 184 hexadecimal value is A5A6B8

133 134 152 hexadecimal value is 858698

the number partners are all the same, but thats just due to the pattern..., which is why they are all a grayish shade of blue... but that probably doesnt mean anything....



I dunno... im stumped, I feel like there is a bigger pattern connecting all them

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You're right. That's too regular to be insignificant.








So, we've got two sets of three numbers, identical, save for being offset by 32.

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Sorry for pulling out this dusty old post...but I've found the "secret message" translates to something oddly familiar sounding....maybe it's me, so I thought. Here it is for you to prove my sanity:


I've divided up the numbers literally with the 0's, ending up with:

0229 0230 0248 0197 0198 0216

Then if you look those numbers up as if they are special character keyboard shortcuts, then it turns out as åæøÅÆØ. Jibberish, right? well....

Doesn't it seem odd that åæø is repeated in Capitals??

As mentioned before, these are letters which can be pronounced, so then I copied åæø into the annoying "Text to speech Microsoft Sam" thing, I think you guys should know....Control Panel > Speech > Text to speech.

Guess what I heard??




Haha, So I guess it's just another way your friend uses to greet you....Or I've just lost my sanity.

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Or you could scroll up and find that TheBigDino already solved the problem.


I'm not so sure about that.


I got microsoft sam to speak it out and you know what I heard.


"aa a o aa a o"


It doesn't sound remotley like hello....

It actually sounds exactley like I would have imagined åæøÅÆØ would sound pronounced. As å, æ and ø are sounds or vowels in certain languages, Danish for example. I was in denmark for a good chunk of this year, and Microsoft sam did an ok job of pronouncing it.


Actually I typed those characters into google. And it turned up a .pdf written in some languadge I don't know. Hindu? Arbic? where those characters represent a word I think...


I'll try to findout the languadge (&*%$ why can't I spell????) and translate it now.

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Here's the word. The 3rd and 6th characters translate to some sort of accent or modification.


If someone can translate this that would really really help.


but otherwise here is the word.




Actually I'm pretty sure it's hindi.


Okay. So the weird sideways 8 is in archic sanskrit. The word in modern term is ह्ढह्ढ I think... common there must be someone who speaks hindi here...


I might be looking way to far into this however...


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Okay sorry for the tripple post but.


I SOLVED THE PUZZLE!!! Well with the help of my hindi friend of mine. :D

The characters aren't in the standard font, but are used in an Yogesh font which is for hindi/sanskrit.


It's kind ironic, actually. By a major fluke TheBigDino was kinda right, he just happened to hallucinate the answer almost.

In Hindi when taking the old archaic 8 looking character into account it reads "hllu hllu" Which ironically enough means "Hello hello".


Thank you.

Thank you very much.



The trick was to put the characters into google, and see if you got a hit to anything meaningfull.

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Who knows, maybe I was the one who fluked and just got luck. Hey I'd be surprised if there was a string of 6 characters that wasn't a word is some font in all the languages out there! I guess the fact that it said something like Hello and not turkey sandwich gives it some credit...


We'll never really know I guess lol.

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if 0 is used as a divider , then why is it in the first place ?

and also the code is not ending with a zero , so thats confusing me , is it the right code?


if 0 is used as a divider , then why is it in the first place ?

and also the code is not ending with a zero , so thats confusing me , is it the right code?


oww it is solved I see ... ' HELLO ' .. afterall .

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