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A fifth force?


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I put Hydrogen-1 and Lithium-7 to my command-line application:


FusionEnergyCalculator.exe 1 1 3 7

H-1 + Li-7 -> Be-8 + y + 17.2554 MeV
H-1 + Li-7 -> Li-8 + e+ + Ve + 0.228274 MeV


And it says there could be created photon with 17.2554 MeV.


Now see arxiv.org


And they say so:

"This observation might indicate that, in an intermediate step, a neutral isoscalar particle with a mass of 16.70±0.35 (stat)±0.5 (sys) MeV/c2 and Jπ=1+ was created."

16.7+0.35+0.5 = 17.55, which is almost exactly 17.2554.


They used 5 MV Van de Graaff generator, so additional energy comes with higher kinetic energy protons.


They don't mention whether they cleaned up isotopes just to Li-7 and O-16.

Oxygen has O-16, O-17, O-18 stable isotopes. Lithium has Li-6 and Li-7 stable isotopes.

In the case of O-16 its abundance is 99.757%, so there is tiny amount of O-17 and O-18.

But in the case of Li, Li-6 has abundance 7.59%.


H-1 + Li-6 -> Be-7 + y + 5.60573 MeV
H-1 + Li-6 -> Li-7 + e+ + Ve + 5.44562 MeV
Beryllium-7 + e- -> Lithium-7 + Ve + 0.861893 MeV

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