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CERN's LHC grid to process massive data


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Interesting article about CERN's grid for the Large Hadron Collector. Apparently it will be handling 1.5 gigabytes of data per second for over ten years. The data will be passed around "a global grid that stretches across Europe and the United States". Cool.


My favorite stat from the article:


According to CERN, the 500 terabytes of data moving during that ten day period would take 250 years to download over a typical 512 kilobit per second home broadband connection.


Translation: They're hosting electronic distro for Doom IV. :D

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Yes, particle physics is one of the few scientific community that produce and analyse a huge amount of computer data, if not the most. They are the ones that first to figure ways to transfer large chunk of data across different geographical location, of which the technology subsequently streamed down for consumer use.


So, perhaps expect another Internet revolution.

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