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I'll second Chess :cool:


I'm using Fritz at the moment, good program.


In a long long time ago on a platform noone has probably

ever heard of ("naval rank" + 2^6) I used to spend far too much time

shoting ships madel of coathangers, in a universe spanning eight

galaxies and being sold a tribble by the merchant prince of thrun.


But damn it was fun.


? Has anyone played Sid Meiers refurbished version of Pirates!

Is it any good, or more specifically as good as the old one?


Wolfenstien was good in it's day, so was the first decent.

Deus Ex.


Syndicate rocked. First game(I encountered) to make serious use of 640x480


There are a couple more that I know I liked I'll post them later some




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Civilization III, Heroes of Might and Magic III (I thought IV was lousy), Railroad Tycoon II and III.


I like turn-based games as opposed to ones that require good hand-eye coordination and visual skills. I mean, if I had those skills, I'd be out playing real games instead of sitting at my computer

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i played chess yesterday..................i stalemated april's brotherand the second game i put her sister in checkmate.


sonic the hedghog. super mario world. ski free, how do you get past the bear?

chip's challange. < (this site needs to get this game.)


has anyone played starwars rebel assault, ?

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Chip's challange.


Is that the one about a nerdy little kid who has to collect

a huge bunch of chips, and he has to wander around this maze?


I used to play that on the old 64, that was fun(although it

could be frustrating too).


Hey on the topic of good old classics, what about sentinel? :D

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yes the nerd does travel around getting chips. and sentinle....... i've never heard of that game.

is that the right name of the computer?*

wait!? you played it on a commadore 64*? the game i'm talking about is in the best of enetertaiment windows 95. they had this game on a 64? i use to play tetris on that computer. man that is an old memory.

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