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2 creation accounts do not conflict

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The creation account agrees with science:

Nanobes > Single celled organisms > multicellular organisms > land animals including Humans


In Genesis 1 Adam is created at the beginning of the 6th day. (columns 4 and 5)

In Genesis 2 Adam is created at the beginning of the 3rd day. (columns 6 and 7)


The two accounts do not conflict.

They are just different ways of looking at the same events





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And what about every other religion out there? First of all you need to justify the claim that the Bible is any more valid than every other religious text, THEN you can move onto Christianity vs. science.


You need to learn to walk before you can think about winning any races.

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No, you should have specified which religions mythos you wanted to compare. You did not specify the monotheistic abrahamic mythos... nor did you give any reason to any reason to think that particular mythos was any better than any other.


On top of that the creationism story you want to justify is not concordant with the scientific evidence...

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