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Social implications in real life of SFN


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i am in high school. i am a nerd, but i am also a football player, so i'm not a social outcast. i guess it helps that i am really sexy. :D


i am viewed more as a math/physics tool rather than nerd/dork/geek/loser/whatever.

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well the YT is a Mega Sex-God!


however,,, I`m ever so proud to be a Nerd/Geek as well! you lot should be gratefull that I even talk to you!


LOL, do you pair Realise just how bad your posts sounded?


THAT is how these problems start off in the 1`st place! :(

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the part about being sexy was a joke, hence the smiley.


edit: the part about the tool thing that you brought up is true. i practically had to teach my math class yesterday. he had a review worksheet for a test today and no one knew what they were doing, so the all had me tell them HOW do to it. i don't give answers, i give methods and CHECK answers, but i don't give answers.

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It is true that when high school is over you will never have to see these people again.


However, the sad truth is that there are people just like them in the real world. Purchasing agents, production supervisors, CFOs, HR personnel; you will need all these people to get your job done in the real world, and they will not be as impressed by your intellect as by your manners.


High school is for learning how to deal with them. Observe the existing cultural norms and adapt your outward behavior so as to not deliberately conflict with these norms. If you are smart, this should not be difficult.


I do not suggest you turn yourself into a brainless little clone; but we have to adapt our behavior to the situation. You wouldn't scratch your stomach or start a burping contest during Sunday dinner at your Grandmother's, would you?


You should look at school as anthropological research.


Of course, it is probably too late in your case; every group needs an outcast and that seems to be you. And that [i speak from experience] is a lot more fun. Now you can find all the other Outsiders and start a clique of your own, and have interesting conversations and drive your teachers crazy with questions they can't answer [be nice about it] and play with your personal style until you find one that doesn't annoy people [i'm not saying you are annoying].


Do you still want to fit in? Sigh.

Pay attention to your appearance; again, don't be a clone, but show a little style.

Play nice, don't sneer at the clones.

Show a little interest in things that interest other people; science and math are in everything.


But never, never, never deny your interest in science.

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Each and every one of you are right I guess.....it's just that sometimes it doesn't feel good to be ignored, made fun of, etc.


I too play rugby, and am pretty good at it, I am not kickass, but I am one of the better players....that still doesn't change anything.


I guess right now we have to suffer, but in the end we'll be the ones ruling the world? MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

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I was reading this thinking about my friend who goes to highschool, and how he needs a friend with the same love of science that he has (I don't go to the same school). Then I started thinking about making a post naming the school and asking if anybody went there, and BAM! It hit me. This probably won't work but it would be really nice if people could post the name of their school, and hopefully, since a lot of people view this board, they could post the name of theirs, and then eventually, somebody from the same school would see the post and could post their name, and maybe eventually we could get some sort of network of highschools going (I'm guessing the highschools are more desperate for this than universities) and this could be expanded on. I know this has got to be pretty vague but work with me, I'm tired.

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Guest Julia

I assure all you "nerd" high schoolers that in the end, you'll all be earning better money than all those who treat you like crap for your intellect.


Do any of you think that Bill Gate's classmates thought he was cool? Nope. Do they think he's cool now? Heck yeah! They all probably brag to people that they went to school with Bill Gates.


In all seriousness, it's cool to be smart. You're going somewhere in life. Many of those who judge you now will ultimately end up dead from a drug overdose.

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When I said "fair point" I was referring to most of you posts:


Soon enough you'll all be going your separate ways to different colleges, universities, and then jobs......... Underaged social lives barely count anyway. It's not like you're missing anything.


But I also said "but they count when you're there."


What I meant was that whilst admitedly high school social lifes don't count for much as far as later life is concerned, it would to someone in high school. Consequently what is being discussed is a real problem, even though it does not really count towards anything, it would not seem that way to Obnoxious.


So baring in mind that as far as the original poster is concerned this IS important I went on to say to ignore those who insult you.


Whilst you were saying "at the end of the day it doesn't matter" I was saying "fair point, but because to Obnoxious it does matter, just ignore them"... IMO that's hardly contradicting itself nor echoing you.

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well ive actualy tought the class before, got me labled as a nerd, but i can live with that, when asked what they were doing about golbal warming they said ask me. i have had a problem before, some idot came up behind me and grabbed me by the ears. i hit him one the forehead without turning around. he rugby takles me onto the desk. at this point i knee him between the legs. next thing i know im talking to the principle, being told how pysical violnce is not acepted. lukly for me the rest of the class made a point of telling him what had happend.

the morales of this story are clear - dont just lie down and take it, people will side with you if you do something they werent expecting, and quite possibly learn a matal art.

when people are coppying your awnsers they tend to want you to be there tomorrow ;)


P.S never had a problem since, cant think why :)


maybe soemthing bill gates said has meaning here - "be nice to nerds, own day they will won your house"

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I think what you`re trying to say is that ultimately it doesn`t matter WHAT they think or say in Hi-sk00l full of jocks and stoners, it`s still as scary as hell when you`re being being picked on or beaten up and you`re alone (your friends will watch as it happens as they`re too scared too), knowing that it won`t matter in 10 years time doesn`t help or stop it hurting!


I`ve been there at times too :(

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y do u have to worry so much man ??? just chill out . there is a story abt a father son and a donkey. i dont know if uve heard it or not but well someobdy reading wont have read it so ill tell u the story.

it goes like this

the father wanted to sell his donkey and decides that he and his son would go to the town . going to the town was a long way .

so the father and son set off. the father and son r walkingbeside the donkey and people start talking and saying " wat stupid people they r , they have a donkey and r walking " . so the father and son feel bad and sit on the donkey and start travellingthe rest of ther journey. then people start saying " how bad can they get , tyhey r putting so much burden on the poor donkey." the father and son again feel offended . then the father gets off the donkey and so the son is riding the donkey and the father is walking . well people again start saying " wat a son ? his old father is walking and he is enjoying sitting on the donkey ." the son feels offended so he gets off and the father gets on . as per the people behaviour they again start shouting " how bad can u get . ur young son is walking and u r lazily sitting on the donkey . look at the poor lad. " the father and son both get off and start walking again



the same way . u have to not care abt wat they say , coz deep down inside u know that u r the one who has th gift of the "brain" and u know that in any way u r smarter than them

so all u need to do is chill out

dont give a damn

otherwise ull b like the son and the father

lol :cool::D

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It's easy to not give a damn about what people think about you, what can be hard is dealing with how they treat you, whether it means they're bugging you directly, vandalizing your house, or actually showing hostility towards you, when it'd be easy enough for them to quietly shun you and stay out of your business, which I pretty much wish everyone would do. The problem is, today people aren't happy unless they can hurt you in some way, and it's simply not rational, nor fair, to expect someone to sit back and accept abuse of such a kind.

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The problem is, today people aren't happy unless they can hurt you in some way, and it's simply not rational, nor fair, to expect someone to sit back and accept abuse of such a kind.
And while I think you handled the "turn-or-burn" trash in the right manner considering the circumstances, personal retaliation is not always the way to react.




That's why God gave us monkeys.



And whisks for them to wield.

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Like Phi says, it just depends on the circumstances, but also your personal morals, and how much abuse you're wiling to take. Everyone's different.


You choose the route of piece? You have my respect. You retaliate in kind? You still have it. You pet-nap their kitten and leave its evicerated corpse on the front lawn? Then you've crossed several lines, and should be institutionalized.

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they treat u that way then let them. let them think or say wat they have to . b self confident , u know u the greatest then wats the prob.

so just take it easy . as they say

if dogs bark, then let them bark and then after some time they will b quite

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