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Youtube channels on science?


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WANTED:  Recommendation for a Cosmology Lecture series.

Hi everyone.  

Not sure where to locate this post.   Can anyone recommend a more up-to-date lecture series I can watch with similar detail and presumed background knowledge?

    I've seen this one and I can recommend it to others.   Full lecture series on Cosmology from standford University available on Youtube (from 2013). 


   There's another full lecture course in the MIT opencourseware series on YT (from about 2014):    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANCN7vr9FVk&list=PL4BUyFYOFtUZIUtcSDo6vm4HPxS9aZmHC

   I've started watching that one.  However, I can't help noticing that half the things mentioned as hopes for future developments have now actually happened and we have those results.   Not sure if it's worth the hours of watching if I've already seen the Stanford lecture series and I'd appreciate any advice just about that.   Can anyone recommend a more up-to-date lecture series please?  Not a popular science documentary, something similar to a full lecture course for undergraduates or post-grads, please.

Thank you for your time and advice.

Late editing:  Some statements made in the MIT lecture are becoming very painful to hear now  (e.g. Energy conservation as a sovereign principle).  Perhaps this isn't even as up-to-date as 2014, maybe it was just released to youtube on that date.  I don't think I will be watching any more of this.

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Just watched more
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23 hours ago, Col Not Colin said:

   There's another full lecture course in the MIT opencourseware series on YT (from about 2014):     ...about Cosmology...

Skipped through the rest of those (two) videos.  It's just a short survery or lunchtime interest thing over two lectures.  Dissapointing, no graphics, no Mathematics, very brief.  Might have been useful if you were there and could have asked questions but as a YT video, less useful than watching a good documentary.

Still seeking recommendations for a good Cosmology lecture series.

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I think the various TV series from James Burke are about as good as it gets when teaching science to the uninitiated or younger students. For example consider this for starters:




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History of the Earth:


History of the universe:


Excellent channels as far as I can tell, and I've been watching them for quite a while. High quality by my standards. Excellent narrative and prose in English, beautiful and precise imagery with text info that you can look up and doesn't disappear in half a second. Loads of information that you can follow up.

On top of it all, excellent choices of accompanying music, so you can use then to sit in front of a screen, unwind your troubled self, and let your imagination go back to the first eons of our world, our solar system, our universe, and the origins of life.

I highly recommend them.

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I looked but didn't see this woman's great channel.

Sabine Hossenfelder and I failed to add the links to the two I have already mentioned. Isaac Arthur and Trey the Explainer, another great channel is E.D.G.E There are so many that get little mention for some really good work. Ohh Ohh, one more Cool Worlds

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