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boy in gorilla cage in zoo story

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I just wanted to know your thoughts on the story about the gorilla that got shot because a four year old boy climbed in the cage with it and the zoo did not want the boy to get injured. who do you think should be responsible? I agree with their decision about shooting the gorilla, a tranquilizer would take too long to kick in and something might happen to the boy by then. I think its both the parents and the zoos fault, they would not have cages that people can get in. but I think its more the zoos then the parents, it just surprises me that the zoo has such cages that you can climb in for such wild animals. zoos should be prepared for kids trying to get close to the animals , mainly families with ids go there.its possible that its more the mothers fault if she must have left her child for a while. but i read a few different articles and none of them stated how long the mother left her kid alone. if its one kid i would assume the mother would be following it around the zoo anyway. the articles said the father was not there.

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There is already a thread on this:




Anyway, this seems to be an accurate description:







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