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Myths Projection Forecast and Theories By Erwin Liao

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7:35pm 8/4/2020


if i'm playing a game whos playing me an alien species new thoughts so what is happening is we control the keyboard and mouse and move the character or unit to attack in a game whos playing us? every single planet is being played the  world each planet is a server or the universe is one big server thats what im trying to ponder about at the moment because if u ever use obs theres a scene where your computer starts to display infinite images of your desktop so back to the game world version 1.0  we play a character and then some alien species is playing each human then on different planets doesnt matter if its milky way or other galaxies they are servers to they might be mars version 5.2 or 1.0 for example this again is just an example it could be identified even better in other galaxies rather then mars  since astronots and satelites are already revolving constantly taking images of the conquered planets and mooons in the milky way 


in short

we play a game whos playing us

alien species

each world is a server  or the whole universe is a server 

we live in world version 1.0

other worlds (no names) are version 5.2 or could be 1.0 or 10.2

question is who are the people playing these servers controlling the world game version 1.0

and other worlds 5.2 

who made the universe? individual servers? or one server called the "universe named after humans"


summary each world is a server we are version 1.0

other worlds can be 5.2 or 1.0  or 10.2 servers (worlds)(planets)

or is the universe 1 server i hope i can unlock the puzzle




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2 hours ago, hbbaboy said:

we play a game whos playing us


Moderator Note

There is no evidence that anyone is "playing" us.

This is a science forum, not a place for your highly imaginative blogging.

Do not open another thread on this subject.


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