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Trial starts to bring ‘dead’ 27-year-old car crash victim back to life


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More regenerative med stem-cell tech.


copypasta link w/ image due to poor library computers with copy-paste protocol (my laptop was stolen/(not recovered))


Cool stuff. I don't think it's practical, though.


Of issue is defining how, why, and where memories are stored. If there is balancing and compensation from the destruction of brain tissue, whereby plasticity occurs, thus preserving memory and/or allowing signal enhancement, thus potential "data recovery" of the memories, then it would appear to me the whole regen med stuff is pointless. You would want to focus on signal enhancement. Signal 2 Noise ratio


I've increasing liked the idea of human trials, because I think working on animals without consent is extremely R-complex ("bad"). I do not like the idea of human trials without consent, however. If they're going to be creating brain tissue in these people, I don't think much will occur in relation to bringing back memories. Creating a new "hard drive" for people is a different story. Then you have the issue of consciousness. These people are considered brain-dead for a reason. Perhaps if they regain consciousness, the research will be useful in the contexts of legal, philosophical, and consciousness studies.


Also, @#$$^#%@#$&%^#$@#^$&^#%$&^@$%$&^@&$*^@#$&^


Anupam Hospital, Rudrapur, India

9 May 2016

Science Editor: Sarah Knapton


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