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Logical Explanations of how there are varying effects that happens to a body during "Spirit/demonic possesion" ?

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I understand that the explanation of how someone can see a ghost/demons/spirit,etc is because they had inhaled toxic gas which often, without realising that they had in fact, inhaled the gas.


The inhalation of the toxic gas causes hallucination which people often mistook as ghost/demons/spirits,etc sighting.



Now the question which bothers my mind is,


Why does people whose supposedly "Possesed by supernatural beings" shows abnormal physical condition, such as: Superhuman strength, weird behaviour and speech that differs from how they usually act or speak, Able to stay healthy despite not sleeping or eating or drinking for days, etc



Is there any scientific explanations behind it that could cause such physical alteration? maybe due to a hormonal imbalance? An excessive hormonal secretion? Depression? or is it caused by another reason?



Someone told me that her friend's child is possed by demons, and during the possesion her child have a high fever that last for a week and did not sleep but manage to stay healthy, when an exorcist finally arrive, the exorcist tries to exorcise the demon, but did not touch the boy and uses prayer instead, however as he did so, the child cried out that he felt pain all over his body as the exorcist did so(The child is 5 years old), during the exorcism, the child also shows signs of abnormal behaviour, that is: abnormally resisting the exorcist and speak as if he is not himself(when the exorcist asks the demon to release the grasp on the child, the child is the one that replies "NO" even tho the exorcist was not addressing the statements to the child) also the child shows abnormal signs of aggression (he bites his own mother, and then bites a pillow).


Whats more weird is that, after the exorcist finishes his exorcism, the child fever went down not long after



Can anyone explain this fenomena?


and yes, I have searched via google for the answer but it had shown no concrete results

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Can you find any documented evidence of any of these claims? If not, maybe they just aren't true. Anecdotes aren't evidence, and we all know how things get exaggerated. Superhuman strength? Citation please.


As for the fever going down, well, if the patient doesn't die from it, fevers ALWAYS go down eventually (actually, they go down after death, too). Perhaps the exorcists wait until the fever breaks first, then do the final bits of their act and declare the patient cured. Seemingly miraculously, the fever continues to go down.


There are no concrete results because every time something like this is tested scientifically, nothing is found to support some kind of supernatural explanation. Exaggerated, anecdotal claims can be dismissed as worthless.

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