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Scientists have discovered a metal foam that can stop bullet


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The invention of Kevlar in 1965 brought back wearable armor, and then armor-piercing bullets were designed to punch through that.


The next stage of armor might be more of a giant leap than an incremental improvement: a new type of composite metal foam can stop an armor-piercing bullet in just a fraction of an inch. - See more at: link deleted

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Such as http://www.gizmag.com/metal-foam-bullets/42731/ or http://www.popsci.com/metal-foam-stops-bullet-in-less-than-an-inch


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The next stage of armor might be more of a giant leap than an incremental improvement: a new type of composite metal foam can stop an armor-piercing bullet in just a fraction of an inch. - See more at: link deleted

I doubt that.


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Abstract from Science Direct

The application of advance materials to manufacture hard armor systems has led to high performance ballistic protection. Due to its light-weight and high impact energy absorption capabilities, composite metal foams have shown good potential for applications as ballistic armor. A high-performance light-weight composite armor system has been manufactured using boron carbide ceramics as the strike face, composite metal foam processed by powder metallurgy technique as a bullet kinetic energy absorber interlayer, and aluminum 7075 or Kevlar™ panels as backplates with a total armor thickness less than 25 mm. The ballistic tolerance of this novel composite armor system has been evaluated against the 7.62 × 51 mm M80 and 7.62 × 63 mm M2 armor piercing projectiles according to U.S. National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standard 0101.06. The results showed that composite metal foams absorbed approximately 60–70% of the total kinetic energy of the projectile effectively and stopped both types of projectiles with less depth of penetration and backplate deformation than that specified in the NIJ 0101.06 standard guidelines. Finite element analysis was performed using Abaqus/Explicit to study the failure mechanisms and energy absorption of the armor system. The results showed close agreement between experimental and analytical results.

This armor improvement is step toward better protection; ultimately, armor is an illusion. Underground fortresses aren't completely safe. On the other hand, this kind of armor saves lives. Though, it shouldn't be long before a countermeasure is developed.

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What bothers me most about this thread is the title.


"Discovered" ? Where was it? Up a mountain? Behind the filing cabinet?


Moderator removed link. Such posts without reference people are/were pointing to, are complete useless in further discussion.

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  • 2 weeks later...

THAT is awesome, especially for public security businesses. All agrees that this cant be considered a bad improvement or founding.

However, we need **more** than that. This earth needs more "integrated" and "experimental" solutions than such singular "solutions". I could care more if the researchers, suporters, intelligence agencies were interested in seriously more of something that dramatically decreased violence, bad tendencies, and the need of guns.

Somehow-Hence, it is needed to have better definitons for "good", "bad", "how, which behaviors lead them". We need to improve the teaching that a mean person take. We need to improve the mean langauge, comprehension, reasoning, tendencies, and "tame" per person. Maybe providing at least two languages for everybody? The question before this: is the language we speak reflects 'everything' satisfactorily, for that scope? How to improve the mean language? Or what could even this mean?

Meanwhile, the origin of motivation might need to have a shift: from "the way of competition" to "the way of cooperation". Proviging a good course, while eliminating negative effects into cooperation. (Or define whatever they might be).

* * *

It is said that, once Confucius was asked:
<<what would you do first, if you were a ruler of a country?>>

He responded:
<<I would look into their language>>

Then explained:
<<If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone; if this remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate; if justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion. Hence there must be no arbitrariness in what is said. This matters above everything.>>

* * *

WHY is the dynamic-spoken-language so important? Think of this: Math is a language, modelling/defining physical world events, structures, and correlations. The ultimate tool for bringing up theories/comprehensions, then mechanisms, then life easing goods, whatsoever....

MATH has always been improved, simplified without losing the levels of expression. So, why continue with the relatively same low-levels of the language we speak in our daily lives? Even if t is not as simple as before, the mean-spoken language is almost same. Even worse, lost perspective at some point, generally.

It might be true that science or exploration hence information led to improvements in the "rated logic" and "common sense", but was it directly? No. Was it enough? I don't think so. Is this kind of a social engineering? Sort of, but should be distingished from similar ones.

Accord to energy-conservation rules, after finding the energy-loss factors, if we canalize some of our attention, some of our energy; there will definitely be such changes for good.

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