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Light doesn't move. What we see and experience is perforations in the time field. They make up the particles that we measure.

The strong and weak force are but the high and low pressure zones of time tornadoes.

Relative to each other, positive and negative are spinning in opposite directions. Time is the friction that exists between them.


Reality is like going to the movies. The light behind the projector is always on and never changes. The film transforms the light into shapes and colors that project an illusion of reality onto the the big screen.


Time travel is probably possible with enough energy in some local zone, but sooner or later you'll run out of energy and the universal present will snap back and any changes that you may have made to the past, or future will be little more than a splice out of place and at the most, just a dream for those who encountered your presence there. Bits and pieces of information may be handed down, but those who bring these gifts are normally counted as insane while the lucky ones are fortunate enough to carry on, and write science fiction for the simple to enjoy and imagine.

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