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I've had a couple of eye-opening understandings this week, things that are changing the way I view the world, but I didn't sacrifice much to learn them. I only had to be open-minded enough to listen.


I’d like to know a little more of your thinking, as this is in the religion forum and to my mind understanding equals salvation.


The light bulb goes off and you start drooling? Sounds Pavlovian to me.

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Prophets live and die for little more than a more complete understanding that they share with a world that sacrifices itself unto destruction.

This and your op offer little more than poetry. You're essentially posting your conclusions without providing some sort of argument for them to follow. I can reply with something akin to what iNow said:

Sometimes true, but not always.


I'm not sure what else can be said as you offer no context, though I doubt that prophets long for a complete understanding of the world when what they do amounts to making stuff up, and there is no evidence that supposed prophets had any contact with the supernatural.

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