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what do Egalitarians believe in ? egalitarianism is equality for all people, thinking we all have the same fundamental worth. they try to gain equal rights for all people. but I dont think I believe that this is fair. I believe that since the two genders are physiologically different they need different treatment based on the barriers each gender faces. Does this mean egalitarians want the same amount of paternity leave for men as maternity for women? because otherwise men and women would have different social rights, women would get more rights for maternity leave then men for paternity leave. I do not believe in equality I believe in fairness(I cant think of a better word).what are some famous egalitarians that have helped this world? what does this ideology believe in?

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As an egalitarian, I believe that society is wrong to exist; I believe that all life forms on Earth should be publicly referred to as the Universe (by the UN), and that everyone who has ever existed should be known as the history of any site such as this one.


Anyone who lived in the 1600's should be known as any argument on this site.

Anyone who lived in the 1200's should be known as any comment section on YouTube.

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