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Therapeutically engineered induced neural stem cells are tumour-homing and inhibit progression of glioblastoma


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I haven't read it yet, but it looks interesting: http://medicalxpress.com/news/2016-02-groundbreaking-discovery-skin-cells-cancer.html

Feel free to discuss.


So, the story goes.... back when I was taking a human biology at my community college, the instructor made a point that despite how long you live, cancer will get you. And, as I think we've discussed here on SFN, and as I think I've told people, brain cancer will get you if you think that somehow you can find a way to live a long time. But that article starts to say different.


Your search:
Bagó, Juli R
Nature communications
Therapeutically engineered induced neural stem cells are tumour-homing and inhibit progression of glioblastoma
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Ok, I read it.


Anyone who has a background in biology, I suggest you read it. Cutting edge stuff.




So, here's why this is badass. I mean, imagine installing some wettech into your body that releases these bastards. If they're tumor-homing and can be made specific, you got a cancer-fighting system. And the length of time that these iNSCs stay and go to work is pretty cool. That makes them ideal for having a long-term cancer management system, which is something the pharma companies and pharma research labs have been "attempting" to do for a long time. They've just been suggesting poison, for what I recall, as a form of cancer management. However, this paper is saying, "No, we've got a sound biological method here.. possibly.."


There haven't been human studies, but I could see tons of investment coming from the tobacco industry on this research. Totally write research proposals to the tobacco industry, and no one will give a crap about smoking anymore. Good luck getting cancer with smoking. Imagine getting this technology on your lungs and these kinds of stem cells pushing out, healing any potential cancer that comes along.. That would be mighty rad.


So, in reference to my former community college instructor, "Well, I'm not too sure that's true anymore."


I've covered my view that entropy on the brain will just break a person down eventually, but the amazing "intelligence" and research put into this work is astounding.


My notes:

1. Specific for GBM (gliobastoma)

2. About TRAIL / TRAIL protein

3. The amount of time involved with the iNSCs being around is cool

4. Could this treat colon cancer?

5. What if the agarose gels were a fat medium?

6. What kind of structural changes are occurring in the nearby neuronal networks?

7. Lack of actual cancer mice: Page 5 "To test the in vivo efficacy..."

8. Treatment for breast cancer?

9. Could this be used as a cancer prevention technique?

10. How can all of this be related to stroke?

11. Do we have stroke left to solve?


Also, as a personal question while giggling, I questioned: How many cancer research labs is this going to kill?


It looks like this is a potential paradigm shift in relation to stem cell technology and cancer treatment: Pluriopotent cells vs. iNSCs.


I may be rusty, but I think the technology is very bad ass.

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