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Discussion of pi on another thread reminded me of this joke; Farmer Jedediah didn't want to send his son to college because of the expense and the fact he would lose the son's help on the farm while in school but his wife convinced him it would be worthwhile. After the first semester, the son is home and everyone is sitting around the supper table when Jedediah says, "So son, what kinda classes are ya takin' at that thar college?" The boy replies, "I'm taking French, Latin and math." The father says, "Ok, say something in French." The son says "C'est la vie". The older man just goes hmmph and tells the kid to say something in Latin so the Younger man says, "caveat emptor". Not knowing a word of either language, all Jedediah can do is shake his head and ask the boy to , "Say something mathematical." The son, chest swelling with pride at having answered his father's questions, blurts out, "Pi r squared." The farmer, raising his voice, says, "That's it! You are no longer going to college. Not only are you learning all kinds of useless stuff, you are learning wrong stuff. Everyone knows pie ain't squared, it's round. Cakes is squared."

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