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Radical Edward

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NOt at all. It is not as if there are only two choices -- god or evolution. It could just be that our theory of evolution is not quite right and it will be revised.


Rememeber' date=' if anything is wrong with the thoery of evolution, then it is false and must be revised. So, just because the theory is not accurate does not mean that we must turn to god for answers.


Furthermore, evolution does not reject the idea of god at all :/ I don't really understand why people think that the theory of evolution and the concept of a god are at odds. They clearly adress different issues. One attempts to describe how organisms change over time the other offers an explination why there is anything in the first place.


And even more, why must acceptance of god be antithetical to education. Just wondering why you think the two are in opposition :)[/quote']

God means different things to you and him.

He thinks God as people in the ancient times did. That God tells the earth to be the center of the universe. That God created the plants and animals whose DNA never change. That God, basically, rejects all scientific theories.

And your God, I'll call it "this God", is a 'scientific God'. This God allows species to change. This God allows the earth to move around the sun. This God, in my opinion, is the synonym of 'natural laws'.

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what is it with evolution v creationism? so many threads get hijacked and dragged to the subject of evolution v creationism when the OP had nothing to do with it. we do have an entire forum for evolution, guys, and another whole one for religion.


just an observation.

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useful tools which can allow you to answre most questions yourself:




google 'define:' operator




for more detailed info (ie' date=' research papers), pubmed


reguarding cheating: cheating is all fine and good, and alot of useful skills can be learned by cheating, but remember that to pass a cours you have to know the subject. cheating can be used to pass little tests and essays so that you have more time to learn the work, but to pass the big end of unit tests you must actually understand the subject matter.


also bear in mind that many universitys have quite complex systems which are hard to fool. here are a few examples of my unis anti-cheating doobries


I'm in High School. We don't have complex anti-cheating doobries. =)


And actual understanding of the material is required in only three of my six classes. The Ecology exam is open book.

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yes, anti-cheating doobries of that calibre are usually limited to universitys.


and i know people who have managed to fail an open book exam. if you dont understand the subject, then the open book that your allowed to take in becomes an open book of gibbeldy-gook.


for example:


in terms of evolution, what is the significance of gene duplication?


that question would take hours to answre by sifting through a book if you dont already have an understanding of evolution and genes. if you do have an understanding, then the book can be used to check facts and specific details. if you have half an understanding, then the book can probably allow you to blag the exam if you are cunning enough. but if you dont know much about the subject...


open book exams rarely ask for something which could be copied strait out of the book. and if your allowed to take notes in, then you have to understand the subject to wright good enough notes to be of help.

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open book exams rarely ask for something which could be copied strait out of the book.


Ours did, luckily. That's why everyone in the class except one person got a hundred even though we never pay attention to... well, anything in the class. Our response to a substitute when she asked us what exactly Ecology is was "Who knows?"


But as everything you said is correct in the right class (Which there aren't very many of over here), I don't really have anything else to say. Well played, Dak, well played... the victor always wins.

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