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New Fundamental Particle Found?

IM Egdall

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More data at CERN seems to hint at a new, very heavy fundamental particle beyond the standard model of quantum mechanics. Its mass is 750 GeV/c^2.


For comparison, the top quark -- the most massive fundamental particle in the standard model -- has a mass of 173 GeV/c^2.


See link:



I read somewhere that some physicists are proposing that dark matter is made of not yet detected heavy neutrinos. Could this be it? (I didn't see any electric charge data on the possible new CERN particle.)

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Haven't looked into it any farther than your link, yet.

Seems very interesting.


Dark matter would by necessity, be very stable, or long-lived. I don't imagine this boson that's been found, is either.

A more exciting prospect, in my mind anyway, would be that this is the first particle found of the supersymmetry group.

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