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James Randi's Million Dollar Prize


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They changed the rules for getting the million dollars, because Randi retired and now they're setting up "new" protocols, which supposedly come out this year. I have a hypothesis on how to get the million dollars. I actually completely held the desire to go do it within the past few months, grab a suitcase of my clothes, and personally walk down there and get the million dollars. That'd be like hundreds of miles, but I'd do it.


Anyone willing to back me if they have it as a condition that I need academic support? Also, I more than likely will not tell you how to get the million dollars.


I firmly believe the new rules will prevent me from personally getting the prize, which leads to an unfortunate situation; but I don't think Randi cares. He'll simply come to an understanding that something has "changed."


I thought of going down there, claiming the prize, and if they refused to give it to me, suing for fraud. It appears they're saying they don't want people coming down and asking to be tested. http://web.randi.org/home/jref-status

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..... On the other hand ..... what is this ?


As they explain, they are continuing the challenge under a slightly different format. The fact that they prize critical thought has NOT changed. They will still be requiring ideas to have evidential support.

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