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Lost my best friend today


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Lost My Best Friend Today

I lost my best friend today, he was my buddy, followed me everywhere I went, slept snuggled up to me every night, would not allow strange dogs to get close to me and even people he didn’t know. He would always place himself between anything he suspected might be dangerous and me. He was very protective. My heart is broken…

He was a Basset Hound named Winston, many people and other dogs I am sure, thought he was an asshole. I told people he suffered from an excess of personality, in reality he had a very strong sense of self. He knew who he was and how far he was willing to be trifled with.

On the way to the vet I broke out in tears, he struggled to get into my lap and kiss the tears away even though I was taking him to be put to sleep. He had been quite sick for the last few weeks and I just couldn’t let him suffer anymore.

Now I suffer from a broken heart, all dogs take a piece of your heart when they go and he took a huge chunk of mine. He gave me far more than I gave him, always ready to go for a car ride and hanging his big head and ears out the window was his favorite thing. People would wave at him and he would give a bark that drowned out traffic. He always had a bark that sounded like it should come from a two hundred pound dog but toward the end he had wasted away to only 38 pounds.

Hound dogs are very special to me and he was a special hound dog, as I sit here at my desk I keep expecting him to be laying at me feet, I used to wrap his ears around my feet when it was cold, he loved me but he wasn’t submissive, if I annoyed him too much he would give me a quite snarl and walk a few away and lay down and look at me as though he was scolding me for taking him for granted.

My other two dogs have been howling off and on the last couple of days like they knew something bad were about to happen. Winston was their pack leader and they will miss him I am sure even though he bullied them around.

Losing a dog is always horrible; I like to think he will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge along with all my other dogs I’ve loved over the years but fairy tales are for children… but right now the Rainbow Bridge is something I want so badly to be true.

I will miss him horribly…

RIP Winston my friend...

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Sorry, brother. Here's to hoping your pal was a secret Muslim all along and is up there right now hound dogging around with 72 virgins... Or maybe 101 dalmatians, or sniffing a cats butt or eating raccoon poop or whatever he was into... I'm not judging. :)


Something to consider... It'd be worse right now if it didn't hurt because that would mean he never mattered. Clearly, he did.


Cheers and gratitude for all of the good years you shared together!

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Thanks to everyone for their kind words, I did indeed hold him and tell him how much I loved him as he drifted away. Winston was a true hero dog, came and got me when the house caught on fire and dragged me through the house to show me the burning hot water heater. It's been a rough time, i miss him even more than i thought i would, if anything deserves heaven he did...

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Moon, I share your hurt and I know what you mean about a hound's temperament and love. We had to do the same with our little Beagle Molly this time last year, she had cancer and was only 6 years old. Several months later the weather was good enough for me to do a little mowing so I grabbed the shovel and walked the yard to clear any of her little piles that might be waiting for me.


By the time I got to the second one I was crying like a baby, I must have been quite the sight for the neighbors.

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I am really sorry for your loss.


A dog becomes a part of the family. We mourn them as we would if we lost anyone in the family. Winston knew he was loved right to the end. You did well letting him go so he did not suffer any longer and you were there for him as he has been for you.


You have my deepest sympathy.

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aww sorry for your loss, it is definitely hard to let go of a death even with animals. :( i feel so bad for your doggie, but they just dont live as long as people.


I know what you mean, having a pet always ends in heart break, I always keep my dogs for life but their lives are short...

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I like to think he will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge along with all my other dogs Ive loved over the years but fairy tales are for children but right now the Rainbow Bridge is something I want so badly to be true.



I had not heard of this ' Rainbow Bridge ' until you mentioned it a few days ago .

Since then , it sounds so beautiful , I have asked a few people , had they heard of it ? I was rather surprised how many people had . Filled with the thoughts of this lovely reunion with your pets , yesterday I was wandering through the main Park in Exeter , saw a group of University students , ( male and female) enjoying the sun and chatting . Asked them if they had heard of Rainbow Bridge .

One said " I have not been long in Exeter , so do not know the area very well. " I replied with " No. It's not like that . Rainbow bridge is when you die you meet your pets wagging their tails , greeting you. ........" .


I am sure by their response they had a good conversation after I left . They seemed delighted.


Here's to Rainbow Bridge !



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