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Q10 calculation

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I'm a biologist working with emission of trace gases. I've made an experiment with warming and shading treatment to see how this affects the emission from plants. Warming causes emission to increase and shading the emission to decrease.


Based on the warming treatment I've calculated the Q10 value which describes the factor by which the emission rate increases with a 10 °C rise in temperature. Now I want to know how much of the emission decrease in the shading treatment was caused by drop in temperature. I've however gotton stuck on some calculations rules and hope some one can point me in the right direction. I've attached the equations.


Thanks a lot in advance.







Q10 calculations.pdf

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Since I know nothing about the biological science behind this I am posting the equations here for the benefit of those that perhaps do.


It is customary to identify all the variables given symbols I do not know what they are.


In particular R and T need defining.


[math]{Q_{10}} = \frac{{R_2^{\frac{{10}}{{{T_2} - {T_1}}}}}}{{R{}_1}}[/math]

[math]R = \frac{{{{9.5}^{1.41}}}}{{21.5}}[/math]

[math]{\log _{\frac{{9.5}}{R}}}\left( {21.5} \right) = 1.41[/math]

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