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Clara Tanone - Q9: What is the maximum number of days one can one neglect brushing their teeth without permanently damaging them?

Clara Tanone

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This question cannot be answered with certainty. It depends mostly on the diet, but also the quality of the enamel. One of the main culprits of dental caries are fermentable sugars, for example. In populations that have less or no access to refined sugar, can have good dental qualities without access to tooth brushes, for example. Vitamin K is another factor under discussion that can be a major factor in maintaining tooth health for example.


In short, as usual it depends on a lot of factors, but probably primarily diet and it should be noted that tooth brushing is not the only way to clean teeth (though one could claim that twigs or similar things could be considered tooth brushing for these purposes).

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hardly brush, usually floss, visit the dentist regularly , eat drink lots of coffee/sugar, smoke,


countless number of cavitys all along my gum line and constant work needs doing, no teeth lost yet at 35yrs old, one is almost dead, and will need to be pulled soon.


overall , why chance it, odds are they will be all gone when im older

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