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Clara Tanone - Q8: At what age do people reach optimum sex drive?

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Despite the presence of other androgens — the hormones that stimulate or control development and maintenance of male characteristics — scientists believe testosterone is the key component to the sex drive. Testosterone levels peak in the late teens and then gradually decline over time, typically about one percent a year after age 30. By age 60 to 65, though usually earlier, most men notice that their sexual inclinations and sexual abilities have changed; it takes longer for the penis to become erect and their erections may not be as firm. It may also take longer to achieve orgasmic and ejaculatory experiences. Erectile dysfunction also becomes more common.



Hey guys,


After reading the above article, I was just wondering, on average at what age do most men reach optimum peak in sex drive? Would it be by age 15-19 (late teens) in association to it being the age in which peak testosterone levels are observed in the body? Is the situation the same for women as well as men on average? Additionally, is everything downhill from your late teens? And are there any ways to increase libido while you age?


If you are a man or a woman please share us how your libido has changed or fluctuated over the years in your lifetime. Typically, at what age can you recall when you exhibited the highest libido for a sustained period of time?


I have heard that if you want to form a really strong emotional bond with a potential life partner, losing your virginity when you reach this peak helps out a lot. Is there any truth in this? Though I'm guessing finding another who is the perfect match and maturity may only come later in life, possibly several or more years later, unfortunately.


Further questions to consider:

At what stage in your life do you think you reached optimum sex drive? How old were you when you reached peak libido?

Does the age of the peak period vary widely between each individual? If so, to what extent?



Clara Tanone

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A very good question but one that’s, maybe, a little too subjective, to be measurable, scientifically. I for one remember having a very high libido throughout my teenage years and well into my thirties at which time I found my, apparent, true love. However I had a childhood that resulted in my having a very low self esteem and so any female that I found attractive seemed too, automatically, both increase my libido and increase my fear of said female and so limit my chance of procreation.


So did this automatic limitation increase the longevity of my production of testosterone until my coupling or was it an inevitable result of my biology?

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