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Irregular sodium chloride electrolysis


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Thanks for the tips i think i'll go with burned pencils and but the destilled water,

by the way i've dryed the first solution and half of it is white stuff i don't if it was NaCl or NaOH or what is there any way to know with out touchin' it (NaOH burns skin)...

YT2095 could this be NaOH another sodium compund......

And can anyone give me the amount of H2O and NaCl that I need to get pure NaOH with out water thanks

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well, add silver nitrate and the chloride will produce a white ppt while the hydroxide will produce a brown ppt. get some pH paper or an alkaline indicator and the hydroxide will be alkaline.


heat the water, add as much NaCl as you can, then cool it to room temp. after much electrolysis, heat again and add more NaCl, then cool to room temp and continue electrolyzing it. you may encounter difficulties concerning the common ion effect, but you will produce a good lot of NaCl. when you're done, distill the water and you will be left with NaOH

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the HCl will have reacted by now' date=' there`s non in there :)


as for dangerous, I`m a little curious about the "yellow prussiate of soda", as that sounds remarkably like a CN compound (Cyanide), I could be wrong, but HCN (hydrogen Cyanide) is also known as Pussic Acid, and so a Prussiate sounds like a salt of this.[/quote']


YT, it is indeed a cyanide compound. It is added to some table salt (usually kosher table salt) as an anti-caking agent. It is sodium ferrocyanide.

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