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Filtering medicine from human milk


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We've just had our first baby and unfortunately my wife was diagnosed with epilepsy and needs to take a certain drug named Levetiracetam.

The drug is passed to human milk and its safety for babies is still under debate.


I think that in 2015, there must be a way to filter out the drug from human milk - and I want to devote myself to it. I'll be happy to get some thoughts and starting points on how do you see this filteration possible (I have an MSc).




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That is pretty much it. Theoretically one could try to target specific compounds using immunoprecipitation, but that would be costly, has low throughput and the result would not be safe for ingestion (although you will end up with tiny amounts, anyway).

There are much cheaper alternatives to that.

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You might be better having several milk samples tested and see what the levels are, I have no idea what amount your wife takes but it may be low enough not to matter a great deal.


Ultimately you will have to decide the risk versus benefit of breast milk compared to milk feeds taking into account the levels of the drug found in her milk. Are there other medications that might be more suitable for her at this time?

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