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why free will doesn't spare God's omnibenevolence

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I agree that the opening post (if that is what "OP" means) seems disjointed and unfounded, e.g., God taking away Satan's free will.

I am not even sure how it relates to the title of the thread, "why free will doesn't spare God's omni benevolence." So yes, I guess anybody can post just about anything as there does not seem to be any clear guidelines.

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Free will occurs because humans have two centers of consciousness. We have an instinctive center of consciousness, which is also common to animals, called the inner self. This is what makes animals co

Free will must be framed probabilistically. If the probability of a choice equals zero or one, that's determinism and does nothing to absolve God of blame, and furthermore I would not call it "free w

@ dissary, it is not "depiction of a God with similar qualities" the 3 literally come from the one. Just as all romantic languages (Portuguese, Spanish, French, etc) come from Latin. They do not merel

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