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Which path would be the best approach to depression as a game idea?


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So, I decided to take up some video game development(Unity 3D, which is awesome). My game idea revolves around the topic of depression, the main character being a 16 year old girl who is going through the year of "self discovery." The specifics I am still working on.


What I wanted an opinion on is which path would be the best to approach the topic of depression. I have two paths that I majorly wanted to talk about, but to lower the content I decided to choose one or the other, unless there is a way to combine them while making it short and sweet, if you will. The characteristic that fits the main character would be that she is pretty intelligent, one who approaches science with curiosity, but also being very philosophical and asking herself questions of philosophy, i.e the human condition. Here are the two paths:


  • She questions the idea of faith, the existential crisis, the human condition. Although she has a fascination with science, she wants to go beyond and "discover" something about science and existence. In her attempt to explore this, she enters a depression in regards to deciding what side makes more sense. The reason I want to approach it this way is because I don't see many games approach religion, the human condition, in such a fashion. I wanted to be original in this way.
  • She is currently going through both family issues and trying to find her role in society. Because of her family issues, she enters a state of depression. I wanted to go this route because it would be what people most associate themselves with and maybe simpler for the player to understand.

What are your thoughts? Is there a way to approach both without extending the game so far out that it becomes too long? Or which one is best to approach? Thanks for the suggestions.

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People murder eachother in videogames!!! If suicide is mentioned, a problem perhaps is making suicide seem like an acceptable option, or simply priming them to be more salient of that option.

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