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Forum Rules


Okay, so the "old" forum rules was becoming a little old, so I've re-written them.


  1. Please, please, please put your mathematics where it should go. For example, anything to do with Calculus or Analysis should go in that forum. Applied Mathematics includes statistics and simple mechanics.
  2. Refrain from posting non-mathematical material on these sub-fora; there's loads of other fora on here for various topics in science.
  3. Always try to use the correct and proper mathematical notation; we implement a LaTeX system here, and it would be great if people would use it to its full potential.
  4. We encourage people to post their problems here; however, if it is homework related, then say so. We cannot do your assignments for you, but we can give you a helping hand. If I suspect you've posted your assignment on here and not said anything, you're not likely to get much help.

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