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Hello. Just a useful bit of information. An asteroid impact with the earth would cause very minor damage. It would take the tops of mountains. I'm talking about an asteroid comparable in size to the earth.

You see anything coming into the immediate vicinity of the earth would do so in very slow motion. This is proved by the moon orbiting the earth. Very slow and therefore with very minor damage.

It would bounce on the surface of the earth before settling. Then the two bodies would start rotating as one body.

The bigger something is the slower it moves relative to observer. I know. This disproves galileo

I can't absolutely prove that the two bodies would rotate together. Also if it hits the moon first then the moon will go to it being the smaller body.

It's a kind of molecular fusion.

By the way the chicken and egg problem is very easy to solve.

You see the chicken came from an egg which came from a chicken which came from an egg.

And so you see the egg came from a chicken which came from an egg which came from a chicken.

Very easy

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They are both first and both second if you understand my meaning

O I don't believe this.

It's not useful.

I've just told you that if an asteroid hits we will not all die.

What the hell is wrong with you?

I've just solved the chicken and egg problem. Where is my thanks?

I could help this beautiful world but I keep getting the door closed in my face

This site is corrupt. I can see straight through it

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