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Common Acronyms

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Let's go with mine so younger member's parents continue to view us as an educational resource.  And for you parents of teenagers who are reading this, we want you to know that certain vulgar words li

IANAL = I am not a lawyer

FTL = faster than light   Units: c = speed of light m = mass n = newtons (measure of weight) kg = kilogram (measure of mass) Δ = delta, change in e.g it is 10C outside and warms up to 25C, Δte

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Hmmm, I didn’t see these in this list but I use them all the time and I think most of us know the first three...which I will not spell out so as to avoid getting my hand slapped.




However, when things are just about to get fouled up all over again, I think my favorite is BOHICA.

Bend Over Here It Comes Again.

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