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soon chocolate to get more healthier and tastier


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A new research was carried out on chocolate. Researchers have found a way to make chocolate more healthier and tastier with greater levels of anti-oxidants.They said that a pod-storage step before the beans were even fermented to see whether that would have an effect on the polyphenol content.Researchers 300 pods into four groups that were either not stored at all or stored for three, seven or 10 days before processing.This technique is called ‘pulp preconditioning’. After each storage period passed, fermentation and drying were done as usual. The seven-day storage resulted in the highest antioxidant activity after roasting. To assess the effects of roasting, the researchers took samples from each of the storage groups and roasted them at the same temperature for different times. The current process is to roast the beans for 10-20 minutes at 120-130 degrees Celsius.Researcher’s team adjusted this to 45 minutes at 116 degrees Celsius and discovered this slower roasting at a lower temperature increased the antioxidant activity compared to beans roasted with conventional method.

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A product labeled " cacao nibs" is available at my local grocery store. According to the label, this uncooked, rather unpleasant to eat granular gravel-like product is further processed to make traditional chocolate items. The processing supposedly reduces the nutritional content. The claim is also that the nibs are sourced organic. Nothing about fair trade is listed. A "sweet cacao nibs" is available also that is the same thing soaked in organic cane juice.

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