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3D arrangement of the Periodic Table is a stepped pyramid

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The Periodic table of elements may be arranged in 3 dimensions as a stepped pyramid. Each chemical element is represented as a cubic block.


The Janet Periodic Table aka the “Left Step” Periodic Table may be re-arranged into four square matrices. Each matrix is a different size. Each cell within a matrix represents an atomic element. A cell may be represented in 3 dimensions as a cube. The matrices may be stacked vertically so the “cores” (2x2 cells) are aligned vertically. The result is a “stepped pyramid” (Pyramid Table).


One element is associated with each cube. The location of any cube within the structure is defined by location numbers. The atomic number of any element is a function of the location numbers of the corresponding cube. Each element has a defined position within the pyramid structure.


Vertical “slices” through the table give interesting chemical relationships.


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