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Is this a disorder how do I deal with it?

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Tends to get violent when they dont understand what you are telling them even if you explain it calmly

Takes a calm demeanor as indicator you are plotting to hurt, destroy, or abuse them in some manner

Needs constant reinsurance that you do not hate them which is every single minute of the day

Is often cruel to you even when you help them but very forgiving of people which they enjoy the company of

Will often get so enraged to them misunderstanding something or ones calm demeanor that they toss things at your head and threaten to hurt you

Blame innocent victims for crimes that were done to them in the past(Person B, C, A hurt me in the past you are going to hurt me too)

Are very controlling and will hurt and scream at victims but then state why they love them and they deserve love back

Enjoys treating other people like less then human kind of the way you might treat a dog when upset with them

Pushes people away and then gets mad when people avoid them(Why dont you ever talk to me? You talk to them. Go away you are annoying)

Assumes everyone can read their minds.(Plays scenario in head and asks question pertaining to scenario without explaining the scenario that is going on in their brain but expects you to give the correct answer even though you dont have full details)

Accuses everyone else of having issues, disorders, things wrong with them but refuses to admit they are wrong

Projects A LOT

Exaggerates everything. Like if someone was annoyed with someone will say and literally believe the person is foaming at the mouth. If you ever deny this type of things later they get upset with you since they believe you lied to them when in fact they believed thier own exaggeration.


I am forced to deal with individuals like this on daily bases and my generally calm patient demeanor is not fixing anything in this case. I need help. Can anyone here help me and explain how I might deal with this in the future? I generally am very calm and reserved since I deal with this stuff a lot and have dealt with people with very very severe issues in the past. Generally these people are friends or family so I have to put up with this. I try to be patient but I guess my patients is just making this person angrier. I dont know how to be anything more then I am right now though. How should I proceed.

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Moderator Note


We do not allow posts which seek to elicit medical advice - even regarding actions towards a third party. Even if a respondant was medically trained this forum is not the place for discussion of that form. There are numerous mental health educational sites (ie not discussion fora) where you should be able to seek good advice; failing that many mental health charities / ngos run telephone lines for both those feeling they are suffering from a mental illness and for those who are close to them; and you can always seek formal medical advice from a qualified practitioner.


I am going to lock this thread.


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