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What is sense of living in the world?


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hello guys i wanna talk about live on earth, sometime i think why am here... A lot people believes in God, me too because i know about existense of Satan,Devils and other religic things.. Don't ask how and why it's long story and terible expierence.. Who wanna know please conntact me. So i believe in God, Satan Paradise and Hell, most people dont believe in such things. But when i offer to check ,is there something or not for example call some soul or Demon,why demon? Because they are only who want to come in this world, God and Angels always seeing us they just dont want to interupt us because God made us free and independent ,universe is infinite , you cant travel to any other solar system or galaxy, becausw its violent, i dont believe in fact that there is no life on other solar systems, we dont know, i dont believe that universe created by itself, i think that universe was created by God, but who created God? There is people , not basic people, some scientist and neurologist who was in Coma for couple days or people who accidentally died and was on clinic death for couple minutes before they were revived, they say that they saw paradise , in that place you can travel whatever you want, you feel free i think that that persons saying true becausw they are scientist and doctors who helped and did great job in their lives. They deserved to get into paradise :) dont think that i so religious :D no am not, maybe a bit, but my thoughts still based on physic but current science cant be so advanced to travel really fast to travel across the universe, but why we need that? Universe is so violent... A lot people think that Aliens exist, and i think they saying truth, if look from religion side , Aliens=Demons,Satan or Angels , we dont see them, but they might looking at us right now, but it just thoughts, if there is live after death, i will find way to say that to people, but if its true and i wont get to hell, there is a lot things we dont know :) ny onother thought is if peolple use 10% of brain why not 100%? If look from religion side , God created mankind by his own image, so we basically have God buddy , probably God using 100% of his brain do do such things, if people could use 100% they would become Gods, but it's just mine prediction and opinion, only way to know is Die and somehow tell other people about it, if posible :) ofcoure 50\50 God might exist but we not sure, people dont believe in such things basically because they afraid of it, just think you all your live do bad things and you dont believe in God boom you went to hell , if you would know that it exist you wouldt do anything bad in your live :) in my opinion all people should do only good things to each other :) i just dont believe that that everything got created from nothing, but even who created all this couldnt exist from nothing too. Dont know from now but i sure i will know and we will know answer when we die:) thank you , its my viewpoint sorry for bad english its not my country language , i would like to hear your opinion :)

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People don't need a god to do good things. In fact, I would say the truly good people are the ones who do good without the threat of eternal punishment.


People are horrible witnesses, and people near death would be even worse, so I wouldn't trust them to be accurate about seeing paradise.


Personally, I think the idea of the universe happening on its own, with no designer, is a fantastic thing. It means we're here on a planet at just the right distance from our sun, with just the right mix of chemicals to form life and develop the biodiversity we see after billions of years. That's awesome to me, I'm happy to be here and be a part of it. I also think humans are the only species Earth is going to have in the next million years or so capable of leaving the planet to spread our biodiversity elsewhere.


People are the best hope of spreading the only life we know of. Like you, I'm sure there is more life in the universe, but we've seen no evidence yet, and evidence is the only thing we can really trust, in a world with tens of thousands of conflicting religious beliefs.

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