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How much PSI can it take?


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That depends on the depth of the ocean where you are. Pressure increases with depth. There are obviously problems with making suits survive the very bottom of the ocean for instance they have to be lightweight to allow movement

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At the "bottom of the ocean" in the Mariana trench the pressure is about 15 times higher than that.


But there's not a lot of point sending people to that depth.

It's often said that we have five senses; sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

In a diving suit the only ones left are sight and hearing.

It makes a lot more sense to send a camera and a microphone, rather than risking human life.

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What do you call a "suit": shall it protect the diver from water's pressure?


If yes, it gets so thick that no movement is possible, so it's a hull instead, and so thick that it sinks, needing a separate float. Materials have a strong limit here. The resulting design is not a "suit" to my understanding, but a bathyscaphe.


If it transmits water's pressure, a suit wouldn't look difficult to design for higher pressure, but then you must redesign humans.

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