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Feedback on the rise and fall of our universe


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Theory of Balance


On the rise and fall of our universe
Infinite expansion borders infinite shrinking and the border is unstable. Space and time have joined forces (1) in direct opposition to gravity and matter. These two hemi-wholes constantly tug at one another, trying to gain the upper hand. Skirmishes are incessant and minor victories frequent with space and time or gravity and matter torn from their hemi-wholes as captives in this essential struggle. Victories appear as surges of a sample of one hemi-whole into the other hemi-whole. Surges of gravity and matter obey the Laws of Space and Time in a universe like ours. Surges of space and time obey the Laws of Gravity and Matter across the border. Back and forth the tides of war surge, maintaining the balance of power between the opposing infinities. We are living proof that the equation is unbalanced and has been so since the SpaceTime hemi-whole won a battle 14.5 billion years ago.

On what happened before, during, and after the Big Bang
Universes, like bubbles, float atop the sea of the hemi-whole in which they are trapped, smeared and puddled against the electro-magnetic membrane separating the hemi-wholes. Universes gather, jostle, merge, and pop to stimulate an interruption in the membrane, facilitating a surge. Then all Hell breaks loose. A sample of GravityMatter exposed to the Laws of Space and Time expands to the cosmic horizon almost instantly in a great laminar surge crowned with boiling chaos; the only limit to volume and immediacy being a courtesy application to a GravityMatter surge the Laws of Space and Time. A universe like ours (with a GravityMatter content at or beneath a certain threshold) will be static in size or inflate until it receives its fate. Others will implode, rain from the sky.

On the creation of universes
Did a surge result in our universe? Definitely. Did our surge result in the creation of universes other than our own? Probably. There is never one of anything in nature. Old Faithful makes several drops of water. Are multiple universes identical? Unlikely. Every kitten in a litter has a different attitude. Where are the other universes? Everywhere. Initial inclination, sub-atomic swerve, and percentage composition of surge material all influence the arrangement of universes created together. Also, universes assume momentum and other properties of another universe when merged. And, there is constant churn amongst the universes gathered at the electro-magnetic fence of their prison. Most importantly, all formations are in constant disarray making way for violent surges. So there is more to come? Forever. There is no reason to believe subsequent Big Bangs will ever cease.


Theory of Balance (with descriptive images)

Corollary Theory of Scale (and references)

Glossary of Terms

On ways to make predictions, find evidence, pre-empt questions, and start fights


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IOW, you need to post it here, and you need more rigor than "all hell breaks loose"


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