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Fun Quiz, which leader are you?

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This test is stupid.


9) Hitler

18) Ghandi

27) Lincon

45) Hitler


Anything to do with hitler is incorrect. I am extremely non-aggressive, almost rediculously so.


And I just did the 45 one again (different questions) and I got Einstien. This quiz is stupid.

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Sayo's mother teresa.... now there's a good one :D


I was Einstein.... yay :)


Interestingly when you click submit the website issues a standard HTTP_ActivePerl_Overflow attack on your computer which was blocked my firewall, it is definately from the website, I did it twice and traced it.

Details on the attack: (from http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/attack_sigs/sigs/http_activeperl_overflow.html )

"Older versions of ActivePerl on Windows have a buffer overflow vulnerability. An attacker can exploit this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code at the privilege level of the Web server process. This signature detects attempts to exploit the ActivePerl vulnerability through HTTP."

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No, the plain code at the bottom was for people to insert into the coding of their own homepage if they wished.

The thing I mentioned must have been part of the page coding.


Incidentally all of the possible people you can get are here:


http://images.similarminds.com/leader/9.jpg Abe Lincoln

http://images.similarminds.com/leader/8.jpg Sadam

http://images.similarminds.com/leader/7.jpg JFK

http://images.similarminds.com/leader/6.jpg Hitler

http://images.similarminds.com/leader/5.jpg Einstein

http://images.similarminds.com/leader/4.jpg Che Guevara

http://images.similarminds.com/leader/3.jpg Clinton

http://images.similarminds.com/leader/2.jpg mother Teresa

http://images.similarminds.com/leader/1.jpg Gandhi

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Oooo. Im 9-Clinton, 18-Hussein, 27-Ghandi and 45-Hussein again. This isn't right.

Where is Joseph Stalin? Or Benito Mussolini! You missed the most important giant of 20th century, Winston Churchill! Einstein? Since when was he a leader?

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