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Well, it's interesting to see that so many teachers in my district have been laid off. There will be, of next year, 1 math teacher, 1 or 2 science teachers, no english teachers, ... in the school. All the teachers received pink slips, they've been laid off. So next year, ... nevermind.


It's stupid. And I haven't heard of it in the news yet. Sooner or later, this story is going to be on the news. Or at least it should. I can't believe that the district just laid off like 700+ teachers, and that's just right now. They'll probably go upwards to 1000+ soon enough.

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when i lived in CA this problem was very serious. its sad that people are selfish and look for better employment, in the sense that the better ones are usually the better paid or at the forefront of their field. over here where i live now, there was something called a "robin hood" plan that basically shifted the money from richer districts too poor districts; in my high school alone this caused an annual $20 million shortage and cut back alot of the novel classes. but who can be blamed, its just the general trend that this society is doomed to :P. let's reward those who have inspired us in science and arts and built our early foundations

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