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Is it possible to have Hypoglycemia and not realize it?

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Is it possible to have Hypoglycemia and not realize it? I think I might as I have most of the symptoms. I also always been rather slim for most of my life. I was told its not possible as I would have had some severe signs like seizures and stuff at this point if I did have it and it was never diagnosed. Though from what I read most of the symptoms include cravings, sweating, vision issues such as blurry vision, passing out, sensitivity to sunlight. Is it possible to have it and never have it diagnosed during Childhood?

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Hypoglycemia is the manifestation of an underlying problem rather than a disease per se. The vast majority of hypoglycemia is due to treatment for diabetes mellitus but I think there are numerous other causes most of which boil down to excessive insulin. Hypoglycemia is serious and should be checked out by a physician - but there are many conditions that get labeled as hypoglycemia by non-medics which are more dietary and lifestyle than pathological. These conditions replicate some of the less dangerous symptoms but do not manifest lowered glucose levels.


You may wish to check out postprandial syndrome which shares many of the (more minor) symptoms of hypoglycemia but is currently idiopathic (ie the medics don't know what causes it). To give you an idea another name for post-prandial syndrome is pseudo-hypoglycemia.


If you are suffering the symptoms that you outlined above in your post then it would be best to seek medical advice

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A glucose test device and about 50 tests strips cost about US $20. If you can afford it, buy one and test yourself. If you know someone that tests themselves, you may be able to get one from them for free. I get a tester with 50 test strips every couple of months, which I'd give to a friend or relative once it had about 5 test strips remaining.

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