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3 guys pay the same


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3 guys want 1 room. The manager charges them 30 dollars. Each guy pays 10 dollars. After a little while the manager remembers the room is only 25 dollars and sends the bell boy 5, 1dollar bills to refund the 3 guys. Since the 5 cant be split evenly between the 3, the boy only returns 3 dollars and pockets the other 2. If each guy now has only 9 dollars invested (27), and the bellboy now has 2, (29). where is the missing dollar?

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i would look at this as a false premise.

one is led to believe something false.

that means the suggestion is incorrect.

the answer...

it is a false premise.

the truth here is that i cannot surmise what he is actually thinking without him actually revealing the information.

this suggests a question of how to do the math.

he could be crazy and have the answer linked to an explosive device.

never do something that expends energy for no reason.

could be a fusible situation

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