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?Parts? Pillars of Creation Tusks of an Elephant Bob L. Petersen

Bob L. Petersen

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I started at the ?Wall? of Action spreading from what
was the center of what you call the Big Bang. I have
never wanted to see a bang in wanted to see more. I
saw things that would make so I could not be right.
They are all as important as anything I recognized
must be true. What moves the Universe as we know it
can't be made of anything we know. At least on the
scale it would have to be happen at. What I see must
be doing something beyond that scale. If you have
opinion about my choice please just listen. There
has to ?Wave Form? other then Space at the Center
that filling in and pushing out. ?Parts? says any
?Action? still show ?Parts? the ?Actions? which can
already be seen as happening here. The Structures
can't be as different on might think.

I came on to Pillars of Creation, the basic shape told me
there were forces at work. One Author of that somewhere
used the term the Tusks of an Elephant's Head. Now more
are certering around an Elephant's Trunk. We no elephant
has three of either Trunks or Tusks. So I'll go back to
way fits how I arrived at needing strong Tusks. Not somthing
handy and majical. But Elephants only have two Tusks. If
you something current about the Tusks the middle is more
important than the other two. How did I arrive at the idea
told me that was correct.

That Author have included the head is important and I will
say I am still undecided as to EXACTLY why. I could stop
here and look for possible whys. Just note there limited
Cloud type material on the other side.

What happened in the original ?Action? was a longer time?
What is now a much more ?Action? due to the local System.
Something did happen at what was originally the center.

It was not space that just filled the world that would be.

What see tells me there is no possible One Boson method
for Universe. Tne ?Wall? and this each have One.


Bob L. Petersen


This is a small ?Parts?. If you can locate the made the
Black Holes in the show The Universe. Try to look at it
like has something in common with atom. Shells, energy
of Black Holes and their Placement.

I say the Cloud came first. Who moved?

This is not the look that you get the most benefit from.

It is one interest things about about ?Parts?.

That really can open ones eyes giving more things to


Bob L. Petersen

Take time just make sure you have an opinion a reason.

A llok at something different.

One more look below

A question from very early was whether Garvity could group form a line,
then it was could sread one aaahh something. Temperature or interaction
filler. An Otherwise Marginally Ordered Weak Field.(!!!!!Otherwise!!!!!)
they at a arrive at traveling a common line between two large objects.
I am around you looking at the world as it is.

Look at Black Holes as though there parts of one of the more massive
Galaxies. What each does and what they can't do.

This is most of the span of our universe.

The answer posted with trimmed title the word answers.

I need anybody that want to know. If something blocks
you up go ahead and peek later.

Bob L. Petersen

Tusks something like teeth at a different angle????

There will a post with opinions held as varibles,
waiting for more knowledge.

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Bob, your post seems to have gathered some negative votes. You might wish to consider why:


You have formatted it in an unusual way that makes reading it unpleasant.


You have rambled a great deal.


You have used scientific terminology while giving the sense that you do not understand that terminology.


You write in incomplete sentences that have the texture of an unsuccessful parody of James Joyce.


There are numerous grammatical and typographical errors.


Bob, you may have something important to say. As long as these limitations in your posting exist it is unlikely anyone will hear you. I look forward to a condensed and corrected version.

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Moderator Note

As with your first thread, I have to ask what you wish to discuss. Are you asking a question about some concept, or are you proposing a model? In either case, what you have presented does not appear to rise to the threshold of what we would be discussing on a science forum. Please clarify and amplify the topic, or this will be closed.

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he is asking about the formations of the pillars of creation and is trying to consider if it relates to a marginally weak field as well as how this affects if at all.


here is a paper on the topic that may help out.

the pillars are a beautiful sight.

it is a star forming cloud 7000 light years away.

crab nebula i believe,




"Elephant trunks are formations of interstellar matter found in space. They are located in the neighborhood of massive O type and B type stars, which, through their intense radiation, can create expanding regions of ionized gas known as H II regions. Elephant trunks look like massive pillars or columns of gas and dust, but they come in various shapes, lengths, and colors. Astronomers study elephant trunks because of their unique formation process and use 2D and 3D simulations to try to understand how this phenomenon occurs."


i hope i clarified well enough for you.

the supporting paper at top should help.

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