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Turning the Earth into an EMP


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I am currently working on a paper on planetary magnetism and am trying to determine if there could be a theoretical way where one could somehow use the Earth’s own magnetic field to change it into one massive EMP that would instantaneously fry every electronic device on the planet. The only thoughts I have at the moment is maybe by somehow switching the polarity, however I’m not sure if that would create an EMP nor do I have an idea how one could induce that.

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the earths magnetic field is pretty weak at any given location it is measured even though as a whole im sure it has quite a kick.

you would need a way to store the energy and then release it at once.

or perhaps one could somehow cause a large drop in the resistance of the core thereby dumping out what is stored already.

these are just wild speculations though.

here is an article i think you will find interesting.


i hope that assists your cause.

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