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Black Holes What are they?

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No offense KH but your theory and your reasoning leaves alot to be desired. When people have an urge to be different and unique they often prescibe to theories based purely on this fact(that they are different(just like everyone else!)).


You have provided no suggestion as to the mechanism behind the 'suction' you refer to and have ignored almost all cosmological evidence in regards to the standard big bang model.


You are vaguley on the right track, in thinking abstractly about geometry and its application in the creation/evolution of the universe, however I fear you have misinterpreted brane theory and GR, resulting in a convoluted and rather unconvincing 'theory' about Black Holes.


Black holes are formed by collapsing stars. Sure they may not contain a singularity, sure beyond the event horizon, current theories have holes in them, but this does not dispprove either their existance or the method by which they were created. Please feel free to convince me otherwise...

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strange, someone asks me a question when I haven't even been in the recent convo for quite a bit. But donb't worry, due to recent thoughts I have come up with thine answer. Well, to the suction anyways. All else is speculation. I said they were peices of 4th spatial dimensions, and that itse;f proves there would be suction due that adding three spatial dimensions to 2 spatial dimensions. Such as pulling down a part of a sheet, adding depth will cause anything moving on the sheet within the slope to accelerate down the slope. Now say we have a cubed sheet and add another direction of depth, a 4th spatial dimension. Wouldn't moving on the cube hit the slopee and slowly accelerate down? Now with black holes, say that point of 4th spatial dimension was just that, a point. The more it 'sucks' in, the heavier it would get, and 'deeper' it would go making its 'slope' on the sheet larger. I thank the guy who came up with the marble sheet gravity theory.

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