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Strong ideology caused by merging companies?


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I've seen this in (computer) gaming.


Large companies buy more and more of there smaller competition, consolidating into one.


Until one huge and several "small" organisations remain, with few employees, and very strong ideologies, which is why they never sold out, making more profit than the large companies because the large companies are so broken and attract no talent, only now being able to exploit and disgust customers again and again.


I don't see this as being sustainable and at some point the large organisations operating like this will collapse, theres no such thing as "too big to fail".


However even if this doesn't happen, it's already worked to funnel an enormous and growing amount of money into organisations and individuals with strong ideologies, while destroying nearly all those "in it for the money", that wouldn't have occurred if the large organisations weren't so swamped with people who cared about buisness but not the actual domain of the organisation.


Is this even more prevalent elsewhere?


Is this a good or a bad thing long term?

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