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dr evil's lab


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hello all,


i am in the process of assembling my own lab.

the evil side of me wants to to produce yeast genetically modified to produce pscillocybin resulting in yet another blow to the anals of society.

the educated side of me wants to have a basic setup that will not get me into trouble...

enough said.


so far i have a decent set of chemistry glassware, stereo microscope, slides, dishes, clean box, a decent cleaning procedure along with supplies for it, and a neibor that fusses when i use my drill in hammer mode.


what i am looking for is any ideas on creating your own lab experiments with homemade contraptions (i enjoy engineering as much as biology).

any ideas will be useful. note that i am not looking for arguments against having my own lab but ideas instead.

please note this and consider it while responding.



obviously, if you do not have a sense of humor then please do not respond as my work requires more than the ability to count.

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You're going to need some frikkin' lasers at some point. Also, make sure to leave tube racks and flasks full of volatile chemicals near the edge of the counter, preferably over electrical cords with frayed insulation. Lab accidents are essential for effective supervillainy.

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thanks for the humor PHI.

you actually bring up a great point.

right now i am deciding how to store my chemicals and the like.

i have a daughter that is as curious as i am.

i found a lockable metal double door metal storage cabinet for fairly cheap.

i also bought two different types of extinguishers for accidents.

not sure why but just in case...

i printed out an emergency number list too.

i have it hanging next to the msds datasheets (document your chemicals...).

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Lab accidents are essential for effective supervillainy.


Lab accidents that result in some sort of uncontrollable creature = even better!


Perhaps you should build your lab with the idea that it could be either taken down in short notice, or moved around to fit whatever type of experiment you may be working on. I own my own contracting business and would love to combine the two!

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the educated side of me wants to have a basic setup that will not get me into trouble...


Dr.Evil who is afraid of getting into trouble. LOL. :)


First of all: aquariums, lot of them, different sizes.


Second: gold, you will be able to electrolysis water to raw Hydrogen and Oxygen.



When you will have aquarium f.e. 25 L with water, and inside 2 smaller aquariums up-side-down (filled with water). First one electrode will produce Hydrogen, second one electrode will produce Oxygen. And aquariums can be used to store them.

While using AC 230 V, after rectifying it to pulsing DC 230 V, you can get something like 0.66 L of Hydrogen, and 0.33 L of Oxygen in 10 hours. The smaller voltage, the higher you have area of electrodes and shorter distances between them to have equivalent result, so alternative to high-voltage is a lot of gold.. I think electricity is cheaper. I paid 50 usd for 1 gram of gold the last time at retail. You need double that for a start to avoid reactions.


Then you can attach 2nd electrodes to it, going through water, to where is gas (seriously insulated).

Plug electrodes to Cockcroft-Walton high voltage generator (hundred electrolytic capacitors connected in setup with rectifying diodes on breadboard),

And you will make Hydrogen/Oxygen plasma in gas in these aquariums.


Oxygen-Nitrogen plasma looks like this:



When you will manage to prevent creation of plasma you can have permanent coronal discharge:


(these photos were taken with 25,000 volts IIRC)


Of course you know how to produce nitric acid using setup above mentioned (Cavendish method)?


ps. 24 carat gold of course... 14 carat has just 58% of gold..

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