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Physics Theories list


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I thought it would be helpful if we compiled a

It's of physics theories, maybe for cross referencing and citations in physics posts. I've got a few; see if you can find more to list. Links would be great.

My noob list:

-Abstract Quantum Theory

-Markov chains (discrete classical probabilities) and information theory

-Theory of Quantum States and Measurements, and its resulting concept of entropy

-Least Action Principle (fundamental expression of classical mechanics, reversible phenomena)

-Conservation Laws (macroscopic approach of classical mechanics)

-Symplectic Chaos Theory (continuous probabilities in reversible phenomena. Examples: study of stability of planetary orbits; asteroid belts and globular clusters - even if some kinds of irreversible processes are present there too)

-Dissipative Chaos Theory (example : climatology)

-Thermic Equilibrium (microscopic description at a fixed temperature)

-Classical Thermodynamics (macroscopic description; either static or dynamic behaviors, using the macroscopic effects of the thermic equilibrium of every small zone of matter at their respective temperatures)

This is from settheory.com.

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