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my multiple accounts

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I couldn't activate this account as I used a hotmail address but that's sorted now since I used a gmail address :)

Just to let you know, since I was confused, I'd created another account (I don't remember the username to be sincere but it's on the same IP so easy to find) so it's just 2 I have right now.. and tbh, I tried to email the staff on this email in the announcements but my hotmail account got temporarily locked cos there was apparently suspicious activity which I don't understand, so it would be easier to create another account to PM the admin which I did but that account turned out to be a mess so I decided to try to change my email.. it seems that hotmail addresses are being rejected for some reason? so you might want to check that out?

Pffttt, sorry for the longish story, but I don't have any good reason to keep my other account anymore so feel free to delete it since it's against the rules anyway.


Sorry for the bother.

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