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Phones Interfering With Speker


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A cople of days ago i was in my sciense class and my teacher put his phone inivertaintly nexed to a specker that was connected to his computer. It started to make static noies he could not figer out why. I went up to the specker and put my phone nexed to it and it did notheing.I called someone and it started making noises with my phone. we tried it with a few other phones and got the same results.I was wondering why. I know that phones use microwaves but vary small amounts. I know that a specker works by a elctromagnet geting a elcterical signal from your pnone or computer or whatever and it pushes a nother magnet with the same polarity away to move a bowl shaped thing to make a vibertion in ther air. I thought that maybe the microwaves would mess with the magnitic feild. I dont really know so i was wondering what you guys think


Sorry if i had bad grammer i am terrible with this kind of stuff its hard for me to take thoughts from my head and put tem down on paper let alone spell anything right

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