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Corn Diet & Dehydration diet ?


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These are questions that have interested me for years but I've not looked into before.


I am not a Biologist or Nutritionist so this thinking is likely wrong and misguided.


Two questions.

A) Corn. - we all know that corn not chewed well can often pass through our system looking pretty much as it went in.


Would this not make this a great diet food? Would the undigested parts lower the calories you were supposed to get from the corn (They must test calories assuming it's all digestible)? Enough undigested corn and maybe it will even sandpaper down your digestive track.


Could a dieter fill their tummy a bit with mostly unchewed corn and expect to see a good portion of it in the future?


I know the above information must be wrong because no "CORN DIET" Books are flying off the shelves and even Internet scans do not reveal anything. It just seems logical to someone untrained in Nutritional Biology and Digestion (me).


B) Hydration vs Dehydration: Everyone knows the body is mostly water and works best when fully hydrated, and I have never seen a diet book or other suggesting not to drink water.


Here is my question.


If you were dehydrating, would your body not attempt to gleen some moisture by burning fat a little quicker?




I'm sure there are reasons why these are not on Dr Oz, but I am at least curious as to the why.


I tend to add corn to my food and soups these days. I know corn is good simply by being a vegetable, but are my insane reasoning's above valid in any way?

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This isn't a reason why a crank like Dr Oz wouldn't put it on his show or why people aren't raving about it, but diets are in general a bad and sometimes misleading and stupidly expensive way to lose weight. They are short term since more often than not, the weight loss achieved on a diet is put back on when a person finishes the diet and goes back to their regular habits and may also be damaging. There really is no better substitute to a balanced, healthy lifestyle of good food and exercise.


One specific point about your post, though: how does one, 'gleen water,' from burning fat? As far as I recall, water is not produced in this process in the body but is used up instead in one of the reactions.

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First, corn is a grain, not a vegetable. Just sayin'.


Chances are, if you're seeing pieces of corn in your stool, they aren't really whole pieces (you're not a savage, you do a better job of chewing than THAT). The outside is cellulose fiber, and it's pretty elastic and also indigestible. Lots of times, your molars will crush the insides into a pulp and leave the outer shell intact, and that's what you're seeing in your stool.


If you don't chew, you're not getting the nutrients you need from the corn. If you've got some awesome gut bacteria, you may get some carbs out of it, but little else.


Second, dehydration causes too many other problems for it to ever be effective as a diet. The damage to your kidneys alone isn't worth it. I could be wrong about this part, but you may cause other damage way before your body would glean fluids from fat.

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@ HI,

how does one, 'gleen water,' from burning fat



That was my question. How do I know.


water is not produced in this process in the body but is used up instead in one of the reactions.



Cells do store and release water all the time. My question was would this aid in "burning" calories.

I imagine though that to damage a cell damage would be done to the entire body. I have not tried (nor would), but it was a thought I have considered (briefly) and thought I'd add it in with the corn thing.




@ Phi For All,


First, corn is a grain, not a vegetable.




That is interesting. I always thought it was a veggie.


It is also funny that corn is the state vegetable of New York.


I did look though and there appears to be a debate of whether it is a Grain, Fruit, or Vegetable, but it is indeed a grain.


I'll have some fun with that. Thanks.

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